Social Service

For the integral development of the persons as well as society, we participate in the social work apostolate. As one of our Charisms is to take care of the sick, the age, the orphans and the needy we are happy to practice this aspect by involving ourselves in the social work and its various programmes. Our activities are centered on the people who are economically, socially and educationally poor. We are conducting many programmes to support and improve their life standard.

The involvement in Bhimadole development society (BDS) and its various programmes in Andhra Pradesh, adoption of villages for their integral development done by Timarpur community in Utter Pradesh , non formal education etc. are new ventures in this field. This field of social work providing us a means to live our Charism of our institute among the people. Our activities help us to share the joy and love of Jesus Christ with many people whom we serve daily and also this is a great privilege to spread the good news to the world where we are planted.

Sijo girls home at Polsanipalli

Girls home polsanipalli                       Jail ministry Kerala

There are 50 young poor girls staying in this hostel. The aim of this hostel is to educate children from economically backward families in regular schools. Through this institution we form value based good citizens for the future generations in these undeveloped areas.

We are also giving training to the poor girls staying in the hostel attached to the convent under the management of CMI fathers in Dhule, Maharashtra. As a new venture in Kargoan, Maharashtra we render our services in a school for mentally retarded children run by Chavara mission


In Thuckalay Diocese,Tamilnadu state we started a community in 2014 mainly aims for missionary activities such as evangelization, social work and upliftment of women etc.

Social work at Timarpur

At Timarpur, U.P our community adopts several villages and render their services such as non-formal education, running self help groups, awareness classes for women & aid for physicaly handicaped.