The Congregation has its origin in 1845 at Saint-Marc in the region of Alsace, France. Fr.Pierre Paul Blanck is the founder of the Congregation of Sisters of St.Joseph of Saint-.Marc. He felt the need of a religious Congregation for persons who have more preference for prayer and solitude. The principal aim of our Congregation is “Perpetual Adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament”

Our Congregation is spread out in different countries such as France, Germany, America, Rome, Ukraine, Switzerland , Philippines and India. We have four Provinces and two Delegations. French, German, Indore and Sanjo are our provinces in India and abroad. The Founder placed our Congregation under the patronage of St. Joseph.



The Eucharistic Adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, taking care of the sick, poor and education of the children are the central core of the spirituality and Charism.

"From Worship to Service and from Service to Worship"

Sanjo Provincal house

Sanjo Bhavan

Social work

Social service activities of the SJSM Congregation are based on the Spiritual values and Christian principles for the welfare of the poor and the marginalized. We do these charitable activities directly and indirectly. Almost all the communities participate in this apostolate in one way or other. We do tailoring centres, non formal education, and seminar for awareness programmes for HIV, upliftment of women etc. The counselling for broken families is a great service done by our sisters.

Healing Ministry

The healing ministry of Lord Jesus Christ is being continued by a good number of SJSM sisters with dedicated mind and showing Christ’s merciful love to the suffering humanity. The centrality of our service in this apostolate is to give peace and holistic health of the sick both physically and mentally.


As education is one of our apostolic activities, it is an attempt to form successful persons to face the challenges of life and to face new trends in society. Inspired by the Holy Spirit who penetrates the innermost depths of every human heart our Founder and first sisters have given the heritage of education of the childern.

Challenging Ministries

Consecrated life faces a number of challenges today. SJSM sisters are deeply committed in jail ministry, orphanage, upliftment of mentally disabled children, old age and faith formation. Inspired by our Charism as the adorers of Lord in the Blessed Sacrament our Congregation has special reverence and care to the aged and retired priests as administers of Holy sacraments.

Evangelization and Faith formation

Faith formation is the primary aim of all the activities. The sisters participate in and collaborate with all the activities of the parish such as religious instruction, home mission, house visits, animation of family units, women empowerment and pious associations.