Faith Formation

Admitting the realities that consecrated life is gifts of God to the Church; we do our service in the parish. Other than educational we render our service in the pastoral care and evangelization in the parishes. Faith formation, family units, animation of different pious organisations like CML, CLC, KCYM, Women welfare, Holy childhood, KCSL etc. are well appreciated in the diocese. The idea of home mission was derived from a decision to enter as a ray of light in to the modern homes gripped by the attraction of modernism. For this mission we have a group of sisters trained and experienced in this field. Their united efforts, loving presence, comforting dealings are great blessings to the families.

We visit families having problems and guide them by our prayerful and loving dealings. To activate the family unit programmes sisters visit the families. Through catechism we share the basic principles and beliefs of Christian life with the growing generation. They are given classes on the importance of Holy mass and made to take part in the singing practices.


Through formation we help an individual to discern her call and to respond to it. Formation aims at the total transformation of the person. This transformation must take place in religious formation. A person who has transform like this will become the spokesman/ women of the “love culture” which is the burning need of this third millennium and he/she will be a true religious. The scheme of formation of SJSM is in accordance with the needs of time.

The process of SJSM Formation

Those who have passed SSLC, Plus Two, Degree and above are eligible to join SJSM Congregation. Once an individual has discern of her vocation, she entered the different stages of formation. Candidates who have only SSLC qualification are given a period of turn to under go Plus Two course. They have to under go formation for a period of five years.

Come and see

The candidates who come with earnest desire are given six months human and Christian formation. During this stage the candidates come to know the life stile of the members of the community and get acquainted with the Congregation that has invited them. They are also initiated to basic Christian principles and to the religious exercises such as Holy mass, meditation, confession, silence, prayer and the rosary etc. Special classes on vocation and good manners are conducted in addition to values, hygiene etc. Their mistress helps them to decide for themselves and understand the diverse dimensions and aspects of their calling. Towards the Culmination of their “Come and See” they also attend “The Aspirancy Course” offered at Amala Theological College Changanacherry


During this stage the aspirants continue “The Aspirancy Course” which they started already at Amala Theological College. The also gather additional information regarding community building, personal values, the history of the Congregation as well as the church. The candidates develop for themselves an affinity towards solitude and prayer. They are also ample of opportunities to discern their vocation. In order to foster the all round development of their personality, the candidates are also encouraged and given enough occasions to perform various cultural entertainments and programmes. As Plus Two is the basic requirement for postulancy, those who have join before Plus Two are send to complete to the same and afterwards they enter in to postulancy.


During this time the candidates prepare themselves to begin their Novitiate life. The postulants confirm their vocation by examining whether they are called to this particular Congregation, can they be faithful to the Charism and the spirituality of the Congregation etc. After this course they go to Utter Pradesh (Bijnor) for mission experience. They also attend classes on various topics such as character formation, community building, virtues, history of the Congregation, methods of prayer etc. By under standing the Charism and the spirituality of the Congregation which are centered on the Holy Eucharist, they try their level. Best to weave their live around this Heavenly Manna and to grow stage by stage in prayer experience.


It is two year programme. During the first year the novices under go their Canonical novitiate life. The novices cultivate openness to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and lay a solid foundation to their spiritual life. Their hearts are always open towards God and they keep themselves busy listening to the Word of God thus getting rooted deeply in contemplative prayer. Their conceptions regarding God experience, vocation, personal motivation and attitude are clarified and confirmed. During this time they also make a deep and analytical study of the history of the Congregation, Charism and spirituality, desert experience, Constitution of Congregation, Vows, Church history and Vatican Council II.

After the completion of their canonical novitiate the novices are sent to various communities for their community experience. There they come to know the life style and apostolic activities of the Congregation more closely and commit themselves to serious responsibilities of life. While progressing in prayer life they also learn how to combine prayer with the apostolic activities. They get a feel of the community life and get to know it more closely. At this stage they recognize their abilities as well as their weaknesses and assume the maturity needed for a religious to become the proponent of the “culture of love”.


This is the period beginning with the first profession till she makes her final commitment. Though she has made her commitment with the absolute freedom and selfless love , this is the time for her to discern and decide once and for all, whether she can be an SJSM sister for ever. What is unique to this period is that each community assist the junior sister to grow to her spiritual self. As she acquires human, spiritual, mental, intellectual, and emotional maturity needed for a religious, she offer her self un reservedly to her Lord as a fit offering through the final commitment .

On going Formation

Formation do not come to an end with a particular stage in life, but it is a process that goes till the end of one’s life. Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Exhortation “Vita Consecrata” affirms that on going formation is an essential element as well as an intrinsic requirement of the religious commitment. This is important because due to the limitations the consecrated person can never claim to have completely brought to life the “new creature” who, in every circumstances of life reflects the very mind of Christ. (VC 69).

Vocation Promotion

Vocation Promotion is a process preparing the youth in all aspects to respond to God’s call. Vocation camps are organized for children to discern their vocation. These are mostly conducted during, Onam, Christmas and summer holidays. Sisters and competent persons are given guidance in vocation promotion.