Sanjo School Vengoor

We know through out the Church history education is considered as an intrinsic element of the mission of the Church as a means to spread the Gospel. So realizing this mission Sanjo Province involves in teaching ministry in most of the communities. It is evident that there is a strong determination that the children should achieve spiritual wealth together with intellectual qualities. Prayer programmes and Holy Mass on special occasions are helpful for this. Proper library arrangements have been made to create value awareness in the children. Equal importance is given to curricular and extra curricular activities. Apt training is given to attain high standards in children, such as art festivals, youth festivals, exhibitions and other competitions. There are counselling cells in the schools to study the problems of children and suggest proper remedial measures. Computer classes are conducted in L.P, U.P and H.S as a part of vocational training. Timely courses and seminars are given to teachers and parents. Moral science and catechism are also taught. In addition sisters participate in teaching apostolate in other schools in mission stations run by diocese and school under corporate Management.

Schools of our province

High School - 2 U.P School - 1
Mentally Challenged School - 2 Kindergarten - 5
chalisgaon School

Sankuvarapadu School                            Timarpur School

Schools for Mentally challenged children

Jeeva Special School                            Kargaon Special School

The aim of these schools is to bring mentally retarded children in to the main stream of society by training them in best way possible. The children given vocation based training, candle making, chalk production and rosary making. Though slightly handicapped and a little backward in intellectual capacity, through the earnest efforts and efficient training by the teachers, the children are enabled to participate in the arts and sports competitions at the state level and win prizes.

Every year our schools secure 100% result. Backward students are given special classes in evenings and on holidays. At the same time coaching classes are also given by efficient teachers.